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Acceptable Use Policy

Non-permitted uses of the chatbot

The chatbot uses OpenAI L.L.C.’s models in the background. Thus, the usage policies from OpenAI for end users apply. In short, it is not permitted to use the chatbot for:

For an exhaustive list of the non-permitted uses, please see: https://openai.com/policies/usage-policies.

User account

Your user account is personal and non-transferrable. Because of the cost of the service, usage limits are in place. After going over the usage limit, you cannot make new queries until the limit is reset again. You are not allowed to use multiple account to circumvent the usage limit.In case non-permitted uses are detected with your account, your account will be suspended.

Usage of the output

You can use the questions and answers freely. If you use the text generated by the chatbot online or in a publication, you must provide a disclaimer to inform readers that it was generated by AI and has limitations. You give the National Library of Luxembourg the right to use selected questions and answers for illustration purposes or in advertising material.The use of the scanned material in the article reference list is subject to the Luxembourgish legislation on copyright. Please see https://eluxemburgensia.lu/en/copyrights for more detailed information about copyright and possible exceptions as they apply to the digitised content.

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